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We All Have it in Common

We All Have it in Common death special needs planning information

By Ryan F. Platt

We all have it in common: DEATH. I know this seems morbid but let me explain. I have had two close friends die in the past 18 months, both of whom were in their 40's, both of whom had children, a spouse, a mortgage, bills to pay, car loans, credit cards, and nothing that surrounded their life stopped on the day they did. The children had to go to school, they still needed clothes and food, the mortgage company wanted the mortgage payment, credit cards and car loans had to be paid, the light bill, the cable company, the gas company – they all wanted their money, and they weren't concerned that the major income for the household was gone! Unfortunately, there were no plans in place, and the result for one of the families was a foreclosed home, sale of cars, and children ripped out of their known environment in utter devastation.

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