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New Video Education Site Released

New Video Education Site;, Released for Parents of Children with Special Needs on Specific Special Needs Issues in Securing Their Child's Future

Autism Awareness Month Brings New Survey

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) April 30, 2013 -- A Special Needs Plan understands that many parents are overwhelmed when it comes to planning for their child’s future. was designed to take that feeling of being overwhelmed, and possible feeling of anxiety, and to turn it into a feeling of empowerment so that these parents can be confident in assembling a plan that secures the future of their child with special needs, as well as the future of their entire family.

Over the years of serving families with special needs,A Special Needs Plan has realized a huge concern from parents. “Many parents expressed that the thought of planning weighs heavily on their hearts, and that they are concerned for their child’s future if the parents were no longer alive. However, most families do not know where to start in researching and then finding an expert in the field of Special Needs Planning. This is why 73% of families are simply working with other family members in an attempt to assemble a proper plan. This lack of expertise results in only 7% of families having a true, comprehensive, and functional plan. “(“Living with Autism”Study conducted by Easter Seals).

* 79% of parents of children with autism are concerned about their child’s future independence
* 79% of children with autismare more likely to be living at home beyond the age of 18
* 74% of parents fear their child will not have enough financial support after parents die
* 90% of adults with special needs are unable to work in a full-time capacity
* 65% of parents/caregivers report they don’t have enough help in planning for the future

There is a huge need for parents to be aware of the steps in securing their child’s future. will educate you on specific special needs planning issues focused in finance, law, tax, government benefits, and more. As a member you have access to an expansive video collection, dozens of important articles, a free guidebook, parent forum, and the ability to suggest a topic. The education, action, and support does not end there. As a member you also can schedule a 30minute consultation call with Ryan Platt, Founder and Special Care Planner in addressing any concerns you might have, or where to begin. Whether you are here tomorrow, or if you are not, A Special Needs Plan makes certain your loved one is going to be okay.

Ryan Platt explains, “As parents, our largest responsibility is the health and welfare of our children. Isn’t that the reason that we run from activity to activity, to improve the quality of life for our children? It is our responsibility to secure our child’s future, not our child’s. If your answer to “If I was no longer able to care for my child today, would my child be able to care for themselves?”, is “No” or “I’m not Sure” then this site is something you should check out

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