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How Do Parents Plan for Their Child’s Future Independence and Financial Well Being, When More Than 50% of Adults with Autism Will Not Have the Ability to Earn a Living?

More Than 50% of Adults with Autism Will Not Have the
Ability to Earn a Living?

A recent ABC News article“Children with autism ‘fall off the cliff’ after graduation,” explains that within two years of high school, less than half of those with Autism will have paying jobs. A Special Needs Plan provides a free guidebook addressing the most difficult question facing parents “What will happen to my adult child if I am gone, and my child is unable to support themselves?”

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) May 23, 2013 -- This year alone, 50,000 children with autism will turn 18, and within two years of high school, half of these children will not have paying jobs as pointed out by the recent “Children with autism ‘fall off the cliff’after graduation” article by ABC news on April 30th, 2013.

The concern of where the support will happen, the cost of the support, and how the support will be funded can be quite overwhelming. A Special Needs Planexplains, “That without a doubt the thought of planning weighs heavily on parents hearts. Parents are concerned for their child’s future especially in the event when parents are not around to help. Day to Day activities can be challenging, so the thought about planning for the future is many times just too much. Unfortunately, that usually means planning continues to be put off, making it harder and harder to tackle as time marches along.”

A Special Needs Plan has learned that most families do not know where to turn for such help, and because of that reason their child does not have a secure future.

Ryan Platt who founded A Special Needs Plan explains, “Most of the parents we serve have no idea that just $2001 left to their child is enough to disqualify them of government benefits. Nobody is telling parents this! It is because of this we created a Free Guidebook, “The Family Advocate,”as part of our Million Family Mission so that families have the necessary information.”

For many families, the task of securing your child’s future can be complicated and confusing, not to mention expensive. With that in mind, A Special Needs Plan created at free guidebook to special needs planning, “ The Family Advocate,” to provide families a way to gain the education and learn the steps that are necessary to secure the future of their loved ones.

Ryan Platt elaborates, “We passionate about to alleviating the anxiety surrounding special needs planning and to transform that feeling of anxiety into a sense of empowerment, so that families are able to provide for their loved one with special needs, while at the same time provide for the whole family.”

Within this guidebook, as a parent or caregiver, you will learn the following:
• Define “What is Special Needs Planning”
• Learn the most common misconceptions about special needs planning
• Learn the 10 most common mistakes to avoid, and why a special needs trust is only one piece of special needs planning.
• Finding Qualified Professionals to help you develop and implement your family’s Special Needs Plan
• Learn how A Special Needs Plan can help and meet you where you are.

The guidebook to special needs planning, “The Family Advocate,” can be found on A Special Needs Plan’s education website

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