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Transitioning to Adulthood - "A Rocky Road"

Transitioning to Adulthood - "A Rocky Road": A Special Needs Plan Offers Guidance to Parents

A Special Needs Plan Offers Guidance to Parents

Parents of children with Special Needs have a very real concern, “What will my child do after they complete school?” For most of their children, higher education is not an option, which means many of these children will linger at home, be placed in institution or at some point in the future could even be homeless living on the streets.

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) July 11, 2013 -- According to an article from ABC News, 50,000 children with autism will turn 18 this year, and within two years of high school, less than half of those will have paying jobs. This fact also means most of these individuals will also become socially disengaged with the community, which in turn means many of their daily life skills they learned in earlier years will disappear. The pairing of no job and a loss of daily life skills means these individuals will need a great deal of support.

Ryan Platt, Founder of A Special Needs Plan, explains, “This does not have to be the case. Armed with the right information, and by completing the proper planning, parents can ensure a secure life for their child with activities, a social life, and a safe place to live.” Ryan continues to explain, “In many communities across our country there are non-profit organizations that specialize in Adult life for those with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Parents just need to get connected.”

Finding connections is usually the challenge. Parents are not sure who to turn to and where to go in order to get the proper and accurate information. Before their child was school age, parents had a clear road; My child will go to school during the day, socialize with teachers and other students, and then come home when the school day is over. Now, that their child is an adult and leaving the educational system, the next step is anything but clear.

Ryan gives some advice:

  1. Find professionals who are connected to the community that can help you guide you in not only finding organizations that can serve your child and your family, but can also assist you in completing a future plan that secures Lasting Independence.
  2. Ask your teachers. Many school systems will host a Transition Night or a Fair where all the organizations you need will be in one room!
  3. If you have a local Arc or other advocacy organization in your area, ask them for guidance.

Ryan continues, “In many communities, there are more options available than parents may think for their child after they complete their schooling. The challenge is finding them.”

Ryan Platt, Founder of A Special Needs Plan, Inc. A Special Needs Plan is a company founded in the belief of L.I.F.E. – Lasting Independence For Everyone™. They are an advisory firm, helping families secure that Independence throughout their child’s life.

For more information about A Special Needs Plan please call 800-SN9-8610 or email info(at)aspecialneedsplan(dot)com.

About A Special Needs Plan:

A Special Needs Plan was founded in 2006 as a special needs planning advisory firm. They offer special needs planning educational products, planning consultations to families, as well as educational workshops and seminars for families, organizations, and financial professionals. They are on a “Million Family Mission” to reach one million families with accurate and credible information, as well as offering advisory services to families’ across the country. A Special Needs Plan is passionate about helping to alleviate the anxiety surrounding special needs planning and transform that feeling of anxiety into a sense of empowerment, so that families are able to provide for their loved one with special needs, while at the same time provide for the whole family. To learn more visit

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