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A Special Needs Plan Is Giving Free Trial Memberships to

Overwhelmed In The Worry Surrounding Your Child's Future? A Special Needs Plan Is Giving Trial Memberships To Their New Education Website

A Special Needs Plan Offers Guidance to Parents

“Our mission is to empower you with accurate information, so you can be confident in assembling a plan that secures the future of your child with special needs, as well as the financial future of your entire family,” says founder of A Special Needs Plan, Ryan Platt.

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) August 10, 2013 -- A Special Needs Plan, a special needs planning firm, is running a free trial promotionon their education website this month for parents/caregivers in taking the first steps in securing the future independence and financial well-being for their child with special needs.

SpecialNeedsKnowledge.orghas a video education series designed specifically for parents on all the specific special needs planningtopics including those listed below:

  • Guardianship
  • Government benefits
  • Defining future needs & cost of those needs
  • The importance of beneficiary designations
  • Structuring your finances properly
  • Healthcare
  • Legal (Special Needs Trust, Wills, etc.)
  • Communication Strategies
  • Employment
  • Tax strategies

“Whenever I am making an important decision, I always ask myself a series of questions. As you make your decision to become a member of the Special Needs Knowledge community, these questions may prove useful:
1. How old will I be in 10 years?
(say the answer out loud)
2. How old will my child be in 10 years?
(say the answer out loud)
3. If I don’t make any changes, What position will I be in 10 years from now?
4. If I don’t make any changes, What position will my child be in 10 years from now?
5. Is being in that position, 10 years from now, acceptable?

Our ministry is to secure the future of those who do not have the ability to secure it on their own, and we do that by empowering families with accurate information in order for them to make appropriate decisions.

"If you can clearly answer the above questions, and are excited about your and your child’s future position 10 years from now, then you may not want to become a member. If you have trepidation and worry about your and your child’s position 10 years from now, then becoming a member and then doing some planning will make a great deal of sense,” explains Ryan Platt.

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About A Special Needs Plan:

A Special Needs Plan was founded in 2006 as a special needs planning advisory firm. They offer special needs planning educational products, planning consultations to families, as well as educational workshops and seminars for families, organizations, and financial professionals. They are on a “Million Family Mission” to reach one million families with accurate and credible information, as well as offering advisory services to families’ across the country. A Special Needs Plan is passionate about helping to alleviate the anxiety surrounding special needs planning and transform that feeling of anxiety into a sense of empowerment, so that families are able to provide for their loved one with special needs, while at the same time provide for the whole family. To learn more visit

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