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Special Needs Planning Expert Highlights How Social Security Disability Benefits Are in Danger

Ryan Platt, Founder of A Special Needs Plan reacts to an article posted by National Priorities Project explaining that Congress may make a decision that will decrease Social Security Disability benefits by 19% in 2016. A proposed rule change would prevent transfers from the Social Security and Survivors (OASI) trust fund to the disability (DI) trust fund.

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) February 19, 2015 -- The article mentions that these trust funds are separate but lawmakers have always been able to transfer funds between them to ensure 100% funding of both programs. “At this time, the Social Security and Survivors trust fund can pay 100% of its benefits until 2034 and then 77% after that, while the disability fund can only pay 100% of benefits until 2016 and the 81% after that. The danger with this new rule change is money from the OASI trust fund will no longer be able to be transferred and those with disabilities will suffer a drastic drop in income,” explains Ryan Platt, founder of special needs planning firm, A Special Needs Plan.

Ryan Platt continues, “Families need to stay on top of governmental changes as they are completing their Special Needs Planning. We always stress that Special Needs Planning is a continuous process and is not just completing a Special Needs Trust. Families need to understand the changes that occur on a governmental level, because those changes can have a drastic impact on their child’s future financial well-being.”

Platt also stresses the importance of families finding professionals who specialize in working in the special needs area because of the changes that occur. “This type of small change in government rule making is one of the risks we talk to our families about because it can have a drastic impact on their child’s future. It is hard for families to stay on top of these type of changes while at the same time care for their children, hold down a job, plan for the future and pay the bills. To help families, they should build a relationship with professionals who specialize in special needs planning.”


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